Guard booths are armored guard houses. Our products differ from basic prefabricated modules because of their bulletproof and blast-resistant features; hence they are designed to protect the watchkeeping personnel from bullets and explosion attacks.

Ballistic guard booths are the best solution to protect the entrance of high-risk areas such as military bases, prisons, barracks, refineries, power generation stations, government buildings, banks, stadiums, airports, train stations and subways. Guard booths are considered the core of the entire security system you might have, since guards, sentries, sentinels and watchmen are always the best deterrents for crimes.

Our guard booths are made in steel and equipped with thermal insulation, air conditioning, and communication systems. Several optional accessories are available to maximize the comfort of guard personnel. We provide custom bullet and blast protection levels in compliance with European and international standards, suiting the guard booth to every possible need.


Some of the military corps, government agencies, companies and industrial groups that have chosen our products in Italy