• Bulletproof and blast-resistant features guard booths and armored guard houses

    Explosion-proof guard booths and sentry boxes

    High-quality, Made in Italy guard booths, certified according to international safety standards

  • Armored guard towers in steel or reinforced concrete. Observation towers are mainly installed in industrial areas as well as government areas or military premises

    Reinforced concrete guard towers

    Observation towers are installed in industrial areas as well as government areas or military premises

  • Custom blast shelter security refuges: security buildings designed to protect people against armed, terrorist or piracy attacks ideal for industrial, civilian and maritime application, produced with high-quality certified materials

    Shelters against armed terrorist or piracy attacks

    E.T.E.M. security shelters and refuges: protection, safety, and reliability during emergencies and critical situations

  • E.T.E.M.® steel or glass doors and windows are made to withstand explosions and ballistic attacks. Watertight, gastight, airtight, and shielded doors are also available

    Bulletproof, explosion-proof, and burglar-resistant security doors and windows

    Upon request, doors and windows are provided with a special intumescent finish paint that provides fire resistance

  • Armoured locker cabinets made in steel for the storage of weapons made of reinforced steel, manufactured in compliance with UNI 10219. Several models available

    Locker cabinets for weapons with customized interior fittings

    Single-leaf or double-leaf cabinets with shelves or boxes, customized according to the specific requests of the customer

  • Doors and windows, arm barriers, gates, tyre killers, road blocker


    For the protection of military and industrial sites and their workers

ETEM Security Structures - Seat

Via XXV Aprile, 7
27010 Valle Salimbene (PV) ITALY

ETEM Security Structures logo
guard booths and armored guard houses ballistic, bulletproof and blast-resistant
armored guard towers in steel or reinforced concrete
cabins in steel or concrete made for urban application
security shelters, security buildings blast and ballistic
doors and windows made to withstand explosions and ballistic attacks: blast and ballistic protection
impact-resistant arm barriers for maximum protection of high-risk areas
impact-resistant sliding gates in steel for maximum protection of high-risk areas
tyre-killers: tyre killers with sub-surface foundation
road blocker: impact resistant road blockers in steel
special depots in reinforced concrete and steel for the storage of ammunition and explosives
armoury shelters and armoury workshop shelters in steel
weapon clearing traps for the safety load and discharge of weapons
customized armoured locker cabinets in steel for the storage of weapons


We are a leader in the production of armoured bulletproof explosion-proof security structures for the protection of industrial sites, offices and institutional venues.

We respond to the most specific request of our customers in a personalized and exclusive way, providing preliminary assessments, technical inspections and designs, for the very custom-made security system.

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Military sector
Industrial / civil sector

Solutions for the MILITARY SECTOR

E.T.E.M.® was established in 1980 as a supplier of guard booths for military bases.

After 40 years we are proud to be an official contractor for all the Corps of the Italian Ministry of Defence and the major international authorities, with a wide range of products that give high protection from external attacks.

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Some of the military corps, government agencies, companies and industrial groups that have chosen our products in Italy


Technical and ballistic tests on our products



Armoured guard booths in steel and reinforced concrete, guard towers and cabins, security shelters, ballistic & explosion proof doors and windows, impact-resistant arm barriers & road blockers: these are some of the security systems that E.T.E.M.® can provide to ensure the safety of people, the prevention of hazardous situations and the safety of facilities.

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ETEM: certifications



The national and international certifications that E.T.E.M.® has obtained are the recognition of the seriousness of its work. We always raise our standards, to reach top levels in processes and technical methods for the industry and military sectors.

E.T.E.M.® investe in sistemi di gestione della qualità per rispondere a livelli tecnici sempre più alti e adeguarsi alle mutevoli esigenze dei mercati

E.T.E.M.® invests in quality management systems, to follow the evolving needs of the markets.

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Divisione Termotecnica
ETEM: Divisione Termotecnica

First Italian company in the manufacturing of evaporative air-cooling systems, suitable for small firms and big industries.

E.T.E.M.® offers an ecological and cheaper alternative to traditional air conditioning systems.

The evaporative air-cooling systems work keeping doors and windows open: fresh air, high efficiency, low costs.

Find out the sustainability of E.T.E.M.® TERMOTECNICA and the difference between our evaporative systems and traditional air conditioning →

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ETEM: siamo su AcquistiinretePA
FIND E.T.E.M.® on the website AcquistinretePA

AcquistinretePA is the official website of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance and Consip for the e-procurement

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