Checkpoint guard booth, also known as Entry Control Point (ECP), with annexed security gate, is designed to control the entrance to permanent premises (such as industrial areas, oil-fields, refineries, military premises). Checkpoint guard booth is also ideal for temporary application.

The inner space of the booth can be divided into two areas: visitor-transit area and control room.

The guard booth is totally blast/ballistic protected: if requested, the armor can only affect the control room, so to provide protection to personnel against attacks.

The security gate is annexed to the guard house, so to be easily shipped and quickly mounted; in a few steps you can have a full-operative check-point equipped with guard post and a special vehicle impact-resistant anti-intrusion gate.

A power generator allows the operation of the check-point even in the absence of power supply.

The check point booth provides maximum comfort to the Operator, because it can be customized with several fittings, such as slit for documents, intercom, number of windows on request, work-tables, camp-beds and toilets.

Thanks to the thermal insulation and the air conditioning system, the booth can be used in any environmental context.

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Mod. AB 100 C

Mod. AB 100 C

Mod. AB 100 C