E.T.E.M.® manufacture a wide range of bulletproof windows to withstand armed attacks, which have a wide range of application especially in military environment.

Our ballistic resistance windows are designed by our specialized Technical Team, in collaboration with the Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering – University of Pavia (ITALY), made in compliance with the relevant European and international standards.

They are manufactured in accordance to the single request with custom dimensions and resistance level. Windows can be also fitted with ballistic transfer trays.

Bullet resistant windows with transfer trays are ideal to protect Personnel assigned to the control of documents, parcels, mails, passengers, etc.  

All the window’s structural elements (frame, glass, transfer tray) have the same security level and the whole structure is ballistic protected. All transaction windows are certified in accordance to International security standards.

Windows can be also fire resistant thanks to a special intumescent finishing paint.

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Bulletproof windows

Bulletproof windows

Bulletproof windows