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Anti-terrorism mobile shelters are special containers manufactured to protect occupants in several hazardous circumstances, in a wide variety of extreme events, accidental or intentional explosive detonations. They are also forced entry resistant. Ideal for both civilian and industrial application, the containerized shelter provides a refuge for many hours until it’s safe to evacuate the site, in event of terrorist attacks, piracy or direct/indirect weapon threat.


 Our special shelters are ideal for:

  • High-risk industrial areas: for the protection of working personnel against fire attacks and explosives
  • Maritime application: to be located on board (vessels/offshore oil plants) for the protection of working personnel against piracy attacks
  • High-risk locations in general: where protection of local personnel and workers is strongly recommended



ISO 20” and 40” shaped: homologated for sea freight and road transportable. Our special containers are easy and quick to deploy, no special technical skills are required to install and use shelters.

Anti terrorism shelters are full accessorized, to provide a safe and comfortable refuge for several hours. We can fit the shelters with lighting system, power generator, UPS, air conditioning, air filtration system, thermal/acoustic insulation, GSM system, furniture and toilet area. Portable shelters are thermal insulated and suitable to every environmental and climatic condition:  -20°C / + 50°C  (also suited to desert environment).

Our special buildings are custom made, to meet every single specific need: they can have custom blast & ballistic protection levels.

Since our containerized shelters have a modular composition, they can be joined each other to increase the available space. Our double wide shelter is an example of shelter cluster, which provides extra people and accessory capability.







Shelter mobili anti-terrorismo

Single Shelter

Shelter mobili anti-terrorismo

Double Shelter