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Our History

E.T.E.M.® was established in Pavia in 1980 as a company operating almost exclusively in the military sector, specialising in the manufacturing of ballistic guard booths and guard towers for armed military surveillance. In the following years, E.T.E.M.® structures have become synonymous of high-security, quality and reliability such that its products are nowadays present in most of the military installations around Italy and in many foreign military garrisons.

Towards the late '80s, on the backdrop of a greater sensitivity and attention to high quality and compliance with national and international safety standards, E.T.E.M.® gave a stronger impetus to its spirit of innovation culminating in the creation of unique products and structures with the highest standards of quality and safety, manufactured and certified in compliance with the most restrictive international security regulations and standards.

E.T.E.M.® has since established itself as a leading company in military passive defence, a sector in which the concept of "security" finds its highest expression and where only companies adhering to the standards of excellence can operate.

In the ‘90s, because of the changes to geopolitical dynamics whereby civilian and industrial sites have increasingly been identified as “high-risk” sites, E.T.E.M.®, leveraging its strong experience in the military sector, has reached another important milestone in its history by extending further its activity to industrial, petrochemical and civilian sectors.

Today E.T.E.M.® works all around the world, in the military, industrial and civilian sectors, and it is the only company in Italy specialising in the manufacturing of certified blast and ballistic security structures for critical infrastructure protection.