Explosives shelters,

Shelters made in reinforced concrete for the stockage of explosives. TO BE PLACED BELOW GROUND.
Ready to use and fitted with:

  • Blast - burglar proof door 
  • Thermal insulation
  • Internal shelving


  • Fire-prevention system
  • Air conditioning
  • Atex air ventilation/ extractor system
  • Alarm system
  • Thermal detector
  • Static dehumidifier

Shelters can be manufactured with custom fittings

Security Standards:
UNI EN 1522 “Windows, doors, shutters and blinds - Bullet resistance - Requirements and classification”
UNI EN 1063 “Glass in building – Security glazing. Testing and classification of resistance against bullet attack”
UL 752 “Standard for Bullet-Resisting Equipment”
NIJ 0108.01 “Ballistic Resistant Protective Materials”
Additional certification: NATO STANAG 2280/2008  “Design threat levels and handover procedures for temporary protective structures”

Mod. 100/CA-RE

Mod. 100/CA-RE

Volume of explosive: m3 2,9

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Mod. 200/CA-RE

Mod. 200/CA-RE

Volume of explosive: m3 5,9

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