Modular vehicle barriers, vehicle control barriers, security barriers, anti-vehicle barriers

Our modular vehicle barriers, or simply security barriers, are designed to prevent unauthorized vehicles entry into a specific area. Lightweight and compact, vehicle control barriers can be moved everywhere without the use of trucks.

Installation is simple and quick: in a few minutes vehicle control barriers are installed. No cranes or lifting gears are required. After use, safety barriers are folded and removed, ready to be re-used in a different context.

Modular vehicle barriers are portable and easy to deploy: thanks to their modular structure, the anti-vehicle barriers can reach the requested  length. They can be fitted together to suit varying vehicle and road sizes.

Just a few steps to stop vehicles from breaking into:

  • Restricted areas
  • Events areas
  • Urban areas
  • Public and private streets
  • Public or private buildings
  • Pedestrian areas
  • Public markets, fairs , public events