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The elevated tower is a mobile control tower that can be moved from location to location according to the specific need.

The mobile watch tower is made of a base container and a guard booth that rises thanks to a special automatic rising system placed into the base container.

This mobile observation post is easy to move and ship because the base is a standard ISO container, homologated for sea freight.

The guard booth can be manufacture with custom security features and is fitted with many accessories such as air conditioning, thermal insulation, lighting system, etc.

The base container and the booth have the same protection level, so the entire structure can withstand to explosion next to the tower.

Rapid deploy and installation, no foundation, no civil works, no base, no excavation, no welding: suitable for all weather conditions and all soils

The elevated observation tower is ready for use in a few steps.

Ease of assembly on site: place the container on a flat surface, connect it to the electric system, rise the cabin and the elevated sangar is ready for use.

Mod. AB/VI 100 EL

Mod. AB/VI 100 EL